Nigel and Sylvia Coke-Woods are two Christian Ministers based in the UK.

Nigel & Sylvia lead Weekend Retreats, Parish and Circuit Weekends and Quiet Days.
We use Bible Study, prayer, silence, the imagination and the Eucharist
to explore various themes of Christian faith, spirituality and living.
We are happy to work with themes suggested to us by groups.
We offer individual Spiritual Direction.

Nigel is a Methodist Minister serving in the West Devon Circuit,
a Spiritual Director and retreat leader.
He has been a Methodist preacher since 1976
and after briefly working in mental health and the travel industry
an ordained minister since 1993.
He trained at Wesley College Bristol
and has served in Cumbria, Merseyside, Buckinghamshire and the West Country.
His ministry has seen him serve as a prison and Fire Service chaplain,
and has included an exchange stay with the United Church of Zambia.
He is a member of the Franciscan Third Order (TSSF),
and his hobbies include all things to do with Apple Computers, music, photography
and watching wildlife.

Sylvia is a priest in the Church of England, a Spiritual Director and retreat leader.
She graduated from Sheffield University and after working in the Careers Service
she trained for the ministry at Queen's College Birmingham and the Northern Ordination Course.
She has ministered in parishes in Merseyside, Buckinghamshire and the West Country.
She loves reading, athletics and football, and is a big fan of Liverpool FC.
With her family she attended the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games,
and the 2012 the London Olympic Games.


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